Jules Knapp F. Entrepreneurship Center

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Jules F. Knapp Entrepreneurship Center offers a wide variety of supportive services for start-up and existing small businesses located in and around Illinois Institute of Technology and Greater Chicago. The center provides clients with excellent one-on-one technical assistance; offer referrals to reputable resources and partners; deliver educational programming and seminars on topics of value; and support IIT students, faculty, alumni and the community at large in their entrepreneurial endeavors. The Knapp Center offers ndividualized technical assistance to help businesses overcome problems, Instruction on how to access private and public funding, group educational programming, and referrals to a wide array of resources and expert mentors for start-ups and established businesses that wish to strengthen and/or expand.

Jules Knapp Center for Entrepreneurship

10 West 35th Street South Side
ChicagoCook County, Illinois 60616