Sunshine Enterprises
(312) 887-9674

Sunshine Enterprises (SE) launched in 2012 to begin the work of training and equipping neighborhood-based entrepreneurs in business management and development to transform their communities. In line with the vision to help seek community renewal, the mission of SE is to start and grow businesses in Woodlawn and expand throughout the south and west sides of Chicago, and north side of Greater Chicago in Evanston. Sunshine recognizes entrepreneurship as a key pathway to economic growth. We support this growth through training programs, coaching, and connecting individuals for success in business. Sunshine Enterprises has it’s roots in an over 110 year history when, in 1905, Moody Bible Church started a rescue mission, known as Moody Mission. Within a few years, this inner city ministry became known as Sunshine Gospel Mission, which later became Sunshine Gospel Ministries which grew to support Sunshine Enterprises.

503 E. 61st Street
Chicago, 60637